Monday, January 24, 2011

A Slow Start

At least, slower than I expected. One doesn't realize how much time real life takes until trying to carve out space for something that takes a lot of time and attention. Somehow blogging seems to be an easy thing to put off, even though, like most people, I like hearing myself "talk."

The new patterns are coming along and soon there will be a couple of baby quilts showing for sale. I'm saving my pennies for some things that will help move things along and make them easier. For now, much is done the old fashioned way.

My design pad holds several quilt designs that I can hardly wait to get into pattern form. I'm learning the ropes on the first couple of them and hoping that makes the process move along more quickly in the future. Right now I have designs lined up like planes on a runway, waiting for their turn to soar.

So I grow in baby steps, so anxious to run but knowing skipping steps can mean trouble.

Enough philosophy, it's time to quilt!

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  1. Whoops I commented but think I clicked off the page before I typed out those posting letters. What I had said was I'm sure in no time at all your new business will be hopping! You can make this work! We're all out here rooting for you!