Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Devil is in the Details

It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult to get things up and running. I suppose part of the problem is how much else there is to do every day. Things that leave me in a quandry wait while I mull them over and I'm getting stuck in some of the details.

One such detail should be working itself out soon. I'm working on a quilting job for a friend and the proceeds for that will buy the program I need to be able to import pictures of pattern elements into the written text...I hope.

I have a string of pattern designs in waiting and hope soon to offer them as downloads that you can print on your own as well as printed patterns for those without print capabilities.

My next week or so will be spent finishing up that job, working on pattern instructions, and pulling out the design pad and pencils in hopes of coming up with a couple more ideas. Hopefully before long the design pad will only be needed when I want to draw on the go!

The plan is to have some things in each stage of development...the design phase, pattern writing and prep, and sample making. I'll need to learn how to schedule myself to keep everything running smoothly.

For now, here is a peek at a coming design.
                                               ©2011 Quilt in Piece Designs

And a glimpse of the little girl who inspired all of this.
Quilt in Piece!